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Rental Conversion

Our customer was renting numerous mulchers and decided to purchase them upon obtaining a large contract. We converted the rentals to a 48 month capital lease to assist the customer in preserving capital. No financial covenants, no monthly or annual reporting requirements and a pre-negotiated prepayment clause allowed for a non-punative exit after the first 12-months.

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Consolidation & Refinance

Feeling the pressure of a challenged economy, we assisted our customer in recapitalizing their balance sheet. We paid out 7 separate lenders, injected $500,000 in working capital, reduced monthly payment obligations by $40,000 and implemented interest-only skip payments during break-up. A complete overhaul of the company's finances.

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A New Harvesting Line

A growing stump-to-dump operator was in need of an additional feller buncher, processor and skidder. We financed new equipment with 5% cash down over a 60 month term on a conditional sale agreement. The loan was structured with a corporate guarantee of a related company and had no financial covenants or reporting requirements during the term of finance.