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Private Corporate Aircraft

We provided a term loan facility for a used Bombardier CL 604 aircraft. The financing was structured over a 60 month term and advanced at 75% of appraised value. We provided the customer with a strictly asset based financing facility that accommodated the age of the aircraft, with nominal credit criteria.

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Refinance Existing Helicopter Fleet

We provided a term loan facility secured by a fleet of helicopters to inject capital into the customer’s business. By tapping into the equity of the existing fleet the primary shareholder didn't have to inject further shareholder capital. A 96-month amortization helped the company manage cash flow on an on-going basis.

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982 Conquest II (Dash 10) Financing

A customer was in need of a corporate aircraft to improve efficiency of commuting people to and from areas not serviced well by commercial airlines. We provided a term loan over 60 months to a 120 month amortization, advanced at 85% of equipment cost. The 5 year term gave the client flexibility to continue leasing, or trade up for a different aircraft as required.